I'm Dylan Lacey, The Gentlehacker 🎩

Developer Relations Expert, Software Engineer, Entertainer, and Oxford Comma Enthusiast, here to make things and help people. Software was meant to make the world better for everyone; let's make that happen.
Dylan is wearing a mask and looking at the viewer. He is standing in front of a subway platform, with the 'Ningyocho' sign present in the background.
Portrait of the Author

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Specializing in developer outreach and activation for cloud platforms and developer tooling, I work world-wide from my home base in sunny Brisbane, Australia. I'm an entertaining speaker and educator with a deep understanding of Developer culture.

I write funny, informative blogs & tutorials; produce useful videos; speak & stream engagingly; and weaponize my fun, approachable mien to turn audiences into advocates. I write Ruby for love, TypeScript for money, Java when it's helpful and almost anything else if required; It's the outcome, not the tools, that matter!

I game, stream cooking and code over on Twitch, and am finishing up a Bachelor of Language and Linguistics majoring in Japanese; a Gentlehacker has to be well-rounded, after all.

not just a fantastic writer, team member, and super talented community builder; he’s one of the most genuine, funny and kind individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Jason Baum (Former Manager)